Behavioural Therapy Berlin

What is Behavioural Therapy?

Behavioral therapy is a form of therapy which, together with psychoanalysis and depth psychology, is one of the established methods in Germany. The focus is on the possibilities of improving one’s own life situation by changing one’s own behavior.

As a behavioral therapist I try to understand together with you what is stressing you, what has led to the development of your situation and above all: what you can do to improve your situation.

The Theory: How do mental problems arise?

Difficult life situations often develop because the strategies we humans use to avoid or control certain situations or feelings often do not help in the long run or trigger a vicious circle.

Behavior therapy thus assumes that the development of psychological problems is related to learned patterns of behavior. Often the origins of these learning experiences can be found in childhood.

The practice: what happens during behavioral therapy?

In contrast to depth psychology and psychoanalysis, the motto regarding the focus on childhood is: as much as individually necessary. Childhood and certain life experiences can therefore be an important focus of therapy, if this is helpful and meaningful – but this does not always have to be the case.

Behavioral therapy is also about learning new strategies and ways to increase one’s own satisfaction or quality of life. With this in mind, the time between therapy sessions can be used to try out and practice new behaviors. In the sessions, these exercises are then reflected on together and, if necessary, readjusted. Behavioral therapy sees itself as helping people to help themselves.

On the next page I explain for you the process of a behavioral therapy in my practice for behavioral therapy Berlin.
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