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We offer testing and diagnostics for adult ADD and ADHD in Berlin

Adult ADHD

Many adults have lived with Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) for a long time without recognizing the condition. Why? The symptoms of this disorder are often mistaken for stress, for example. If you’ve experienced this kind of frustration throughout your life, you may be suffering from ADHD—a condition that can be diagnosed and treated.

Adult ADHD Symptoms

Difficulty with Attention

  • Reduced ability to concentrate, especially when lacking interest and „hyperfocusing“ attention when there is interest and/or sufficient stimulation (e.g., under time pressure).
  • Shortened attention span or avoidance of activities requiring perseverance, such as reading.
  • Difficulty listening properly in conversations or maintaining focus.
  • Easily distractible: Constantly having thoughts elsewhere. Also, sensitivity to external stimuli may exist. Forgetfulness: Needing to note things down frequently and/or misplacing and losing objects.



  • Urge for movement, restlessness, nervousness, inner turmoil, impatience, and discomfort during sedentary activities.
  • Tendency to stand up and walk around frequently. General need for activities and freedom of movement. Inability to relax, always feeling „wound up.“



  • Acting and deciding without much thought.
  • Interrupting others in conversations, talking over others, finishing sentences for others.
  • Impulse buying. Difficulty managing money. Risk-taking behavior.


Mood Swings and Explosive Temperament

  • Frequently changing moods. Brief periods of low mood and displeasure.
  • Overexcitement, driven behavior lasting from hours to days, intense emotionality.
  • Short-lived outbursts of anger, but no long-lasting resentment or harboring of anger. „Low boiling point.“


Low Stress Tolerance

  • Chronically thin-skinned. Easily disturbed and thrown off balance under pressure, becoming quickly nervous and feeling pressured.



  • Problems organizing life in small and large areas.
  • Difficulty adhering to appointments and guidelines.
  • Inability to set priorities.
  • Impulsiveness, lack of planning.
  • Misplacing objects and forgetfulness.

Diagnosis of Aduld ADHD

The clinical diagnosis of ADHD and ADD in adults comprises the following elements:

Medical History: In the diagnosis of ADHD, medical history plays a crucial role. Psychotherapists will extensively discuss your symptoms, developmental history, and potential family predispositions. It is important to be honest and open about your experiences to enable an accurate diagnosis.

Biographical History: Special attention is given to individual life stories and risk factors that may contribute to the onset of the condition.

Questionnaires: Questionnaires gather information regarding ADHD symptoms. These surveys cover various life stages and are sometimes completed by individuals close to the patient.

Clinical Interview: Structured interviews capture the official diagnostic criteria, focusing on differentiation between core and ancillary criteria, as well as severity. Additionally, insights into potential subtypes (e.g., Attention Deficit Disorder without hyperkinetic syndrome) can be obtained

Consultation report from a physician: In order to rule out any connection between the symptoms and organic correlates, an inquiry for a consultation report from a physician is required.

Differential Diagnosis: Many mental disorders exhibit symptoms typical of ADHD/ADD. Differential diagnostic examinations aim to determine whether ADHD/ADD is present or if symptoms align with another diagnosis.


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